Custom Rails for Guarding for Machines

OHSA states:
The top edge height of top rails, or equivalent guardrail system members, are 42 inches (107 cm), plus or minus 3 inches (8 cm), above the walking-working surface. The top edge height may exceed 45 inches (114 cm), provided the guardrail system meets all other criteria of paragraph (b) of this section (see Figure D-11 of this section).

Guard Railings

We develop heavy duty quick-access industrial safety guard railing that allows for flexible railing configurations. Our top rail and mid rail can be easily removed to access equipment at any location. We understand that no two locations are the same, which is why we created our railing to be easy to configure, move, and place as necessary.

In order to ensure durability and reliability, our industrial safety guard railing is provided with an infallible powder coated finish. Since the rails are removable, it allows for cost-efficient replacement of damaged parts. Now, the entire guarding doesn’t have to removed, costing your team thousands of dollars. The damaged parts can be tended to as necessary, making it easier and more cost effective for everyone involved.

Not sure if our guard railing is for you? Feel free to give us a call and we will go over its securement and functionality in your current system. 

Posts for Guard Rails

Style Order #
Inline Post HR-42-Y-IP
Corner Post HR-42-Y-CP
End Post HR-42-Y-EP
  • Top rail installs at 42" high
  • Heavy duty 2.5" x 2.5" - 11 gauge post
  • Solid 6" x 6" base plate with access at bottom
  • Pre-installed toe board mount

Lift Out Rails

Post Center to Center Distance Order #
1 ft HR-01-Y-Rail
2 ft HR-02-Y-Rail
3 ft HR-03-Y-Rail
4 ft HR-04-Y-Rail
5 ft HR-05-Y-Rail
6 ft HR-06-Y-Rail
7 ft HR-07-Y-Rail
8 ft HR-08-Y-Rail
  • Heavy duty 2" x 2" - 11 gauge tubing

Swing Gate

Post Center to Center Distance Order #
3 ft HR-03-Y-Gate
4 ft HR-04-Y-Gate
6 ft (double gate) HR-05-Y-Gate
8 ft (double gate) HR-08-Y-Gate

Add or convert existing safety hand railing to a swing gate with ease and at a low cost. Just remove your existing rails and mount the swing gate. The gate can be moved to other locations as your needs change. Can be installed to open left to right or right to left

  • Heavy duty 1.5" x 1.5" - 14 gauge tubing
Industrial Guarding Inc.

Our machine guarding is design by a professional engineer whom follows CSA Z432-16 - Safeguarding of Machinery standards.