Machine Guarding

Combine our industrial safety machine guarding posts and panels to create a barrier around your equipment. Our panels lift on and off their posts in just seconds. You can protect employees from machinery while providing quick, full access anywhere around your machine. Panels are permanently secured to the posts with the included panel latch. Only two screws are required for removal, making access for maintenance and production employees very easy while reducing downtime.

Our safety machine guarding panels can be configured around equipment at any angle from 0-180 degrees. They are painted with a durable powder coated finish and fully welded for a solid construction, no assembly required!

Since machine guarding panels that need assembly tend to contribute to an increase in maintenance costs and labour to assemble, we’ve created a durable and reliable alternative that you and your team can truly count on. Additionally, our machine guarding comes with all the hardware and mounting fasteners for installation, making it as seamless as possible for our consumers. Too many times, engineers design machine guarding incorrectly, creating dangerous conditions that were not existent before. That’s why we focus on making everything as simple and easy to understand as possible.

After all, we pride ourselves on customer service and make being safe easy! 

Custom Guarding for Dangerous Machines
Safety Planning around Hazardous Equipment
Years Experience15+


Style Order #
Order #
Plain Wall Post
(used as a door latch post)
PO-0202-B-01 PO-0202-Y-01
Plain Post
(used as a door latch post)
PO-0202-B-15 PO-0202-Y-15
Panel End Post
(used as a door latch post)
PO-0202-B-02 PO-0202-Y-02
Panel Wall Post PO-0202-B-03 PO-0202-Y-03
Panel / Panel Inline Post PO-0202-B-04 PO-0202-Y-04
Panel / Panel Outside Corner Post PO-0202-B-05 PO-0202-Y-05
Panel / Panel Inside Corner Post PO-0202-B-11 PO-0202-Y-11
Door End Post PO-0202-B-06 PO-0202-Y-06
Door Wall Post PO-0202-B-07 PO-0202-Y-07
Panel / Door Inline Post PO-0202-B-08 PO-0202-Y-08
Panel / Door Outside Corner Post "A" PO-0202-B-09 PO-0202-Y-09
Panel / Door Outside Corner Post "B" PO-0202-B-10 PO-0202-Y-10
Panel / Door Inside Corner Post "A" PO-0202-B-13 PO-0202-Y-13
Panel / Door Inside Corner Post "B" PO-0202-B-14 PO-0202-Y-14
  • Heavy duty 2" x 2" - 11 gauge tubing
  • Solid 6" x 6" base plate with wire accessibility at the bottom
  • All hardware and concrete anchors included.

Industrial Guarding Inc.

Our machine guarding is design by a professional engineer whom follows CSA Z432-16 - Safeguarding of Machinery standards.

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